The Archway

"That's a whole new meaning to the term 'ribbed vault'!"

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  • Apr 10 - Thoughts on War & Peace Vol. 1 Part 1
  • Apr 10 - Carmine? a page/shrine for one of my OC's, Carmine Ellis
  • Apr 09 - Some Updates on the new format of the site, on getting hyperfixated on War and Peace
  • Apr 09 - The current post template, using dustbyte
  • Apr 08 - About Cobyzaby

H.A.Q. (Hypothetically Asked Questions)

Will you still be updating the other website?

For now, no. I'm going to leave it as a time capsule. I want to stick to a different structure that doesn't mesh with the old one.

Why "The Archway"?

I wanted the folder for the new site to appear first, alphabetically, so I named it "arc" for "archive." Then, I thought of the cave theme again and the fact that "arc" could be the beginning of "archway," which sounds much more mysterious.

Ribbed vault??

I've been listening to a lot of Sangfielle, okay? If you know, you know. Goes with the whole "archway" thing.