Cobyzaby's Dollz

These strange humanoids were spawned either partially or entirely from within the Cobyzaby web site. Click on one to find out what resources were gathered for its making.

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~~ Others' Bases ~~

~ Hand-edited ~

These dollz were made to look like Sims that Cobyzaby got attached to.

Folly Clarinet

Folly Clarinet moved from Willow Creek to Del Sol Valley, where he thought he could make it big as a musician. Although he eventually achieved his dreams and got his name on the walk of fame, he became paranoid and vain in the process. Was it worth it?

Reed Clarinet-Jeong

Reed Clarinet-Jeong was the son of Folly. He grew up with just about everything but his parents' attention, and ended up turning to the wilderness for solace. He became an effective yet little-known conservationist in Sulani as a young man, and spent the latter half of his life collecting bugs and growing crops on his farm in Henford-On-Bagley.

Gilly Gumby

Gilly Gumby fell for a bad girl that her parents didn't approve of, and as a consequence, ran away from home at a young age. It was going fine until said bad girl left Gilly and took all their money. From there, Gilly built a life from the ground up, eventually becoming successful by pursuing her passion: the culinary arts!

~ Dressup Games ~

Cecilia is from Hell. Her hair, like her boa, is made of feathers. She has a ghost cat named Puppy. She breaks hearts and shakes confidences daily.

~~ My Bases ~~

I felt inspired to make doll bases of some of my OC's! Please credit me if you use these as bases- and let me know, too! I'd love to see your work!

Selfen lives in a post-apocalyptic gift shop, and likes to make outfits out of the various strange trinkets they find. Think Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place. You may change the color, expression, and shape of their mask, but you cannot remove it.

Carmine lives with Selfen in the post-apocalyptic gift shop. He prefers dark, earthy colors and primary colors- especially red. His favorite aspect of an outfit is its comfort and simplicity, but he's also a bit of a pretentious artist, so he'll throw in the occasional point of interest.