The Clique Corner
of Cobyzaby

Webmasters who belong to certain guilds known as cliques create digital wares to trade and display. This room is where you will find mine.

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~~ Yum-yum Shoppe ~~

~ Cobyzaby's Shoppe ~

[X] Description
smiling blue mask smiling mask
a single eye eye see!
an idling juice box motivation juice
rainbow rainbow
blue berry-pie blue berry-pie

~ My Shopping Cart ~

[X] Description Purchased
shrimp cinni
ladybug cinni

Welcome to the cave's local yum-yum shoppe! Please purchase something from me today. If you do, you must link back my site in your cart next to the item you purchased from me. If you have any coupons, questions, or comments, please Email me so that I can satisfy your need. Thank you for shopping, come again!

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~ A Note ~

I don't know if it's the same for other people on other browsers, but the archived yum-yum shoppe site is really difficult for me to navigate. If you wanna join but are having similar problems, here's the gist:

There's not really an updated member list anymore, as far as I can tell. It's just for fun! So, you can jump straight to the code if you want.