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Welcome to the Text Art Museum!

You've reached my text museum, where I display ASCII and MISCII art I've made! This Moonlit Gallery is the entryway to the museum. As such, I've provided textmode resources and inspiration at the bottom of this page, below the current displays. Check it out!

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Textmode Resources & Inspiration

  • What is Textmode?: an explanation of textmode by Polyducks
  • Fungus Friends: a showcase of a bunch of cute textmode mushrooms. Also has a tool for you to create your own!
  • ASCIIFlow: easy in-browser ASCII editor (notebook works well too, but this lets you draw)
  • lvllvl: in-browser versatile textmode editor. What I use most often for more complex textmode stuff
  • Rexpaint Gallery: tons of cool textmode art made with Rexpaint