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Thinking of doing a big ol' site update. Not sure how long it will take, but I was looking at the Neonauticon Design Philosophy page and Neonaut's blog post on Zettelkasten etc. and got really interested in making this site a little more... iceberg-y? Hypertext-y? If what I'm going for here is a cave system that you can explore, then having a few entry points that can send you down some unexpected rabbitholes would be perfect. Quite excited to experiment with these ideas.


Oops I'm learning about Unix & tilde servers


Blegh I have a headache. Must be all the moss I ate.


A screenshot from the show Our Flag Means Death. Lucius is reading a journal aloud, and he announces 'June the third. An excellent day!'.


Lacking motivation? Take this! 🧃
Still lacking motivation? Hm. I only have one juice box. But I believe in you!


Hello hello? Testing?