o kama pona!

sina li lukin e ma kasi pi ilo Kopisepi. o lukin e ale! sina ken lukin e jan pipi lili, anu seme?

o tawa monsi


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"Welcome! You've found Cobyzaby's garden. Look around! Can you see the fairies?"

What language is this?

This page is written in toki pona, a constructed language (conlang) made in 2001 which still thrives today. Wikipedia and TV Tropes have a bit more to say about it, if you're curious.

Sounds cool! How do I learn it?

Great! The official website has a ton of resources for you!

Personally, I learned most of the basics with soweli Tesa's course. I like it for a few reasons:

  • it includes each word's sitelen pona symbol in the lesson, which helped me memorize the meanings
  • it has practice sentences with hidden answers that you can reveal on the same page

I then highly recommend joining a discord server to practice with others! Servers are listed on the official site.

sitelen mi

mi wile e ni: sitelen mi li pana e pilin pona tawa sina.

ijo suli

nimi mi

toki pona la, mi "ilo Kopisepi" anu "ilo akesi". ni tu li pona!

nasin mi

mi kepeken e ni tawa pona sona pi toki pona: