Sims 2 official story cover for Strangetown

What town?

Strangetown! It's a premade town that came with the Sims 2. The in-game text that describes it is as follows:

"Truth-seekers move to Strangetown hoping to discover the secrets the town holds. Do aliens live among us?1 Do missing Sims mysteriously appear here? In this town nothing is what it seems."2
alien eating pizza

Essentially, it's a really weird town in the middle of the desert, explicitly referencing Area 51.2 Running through it is a highway literally called "Road to Nowhere". The only two community lots are repurposed from what look like abandoned military bunkers, and just on the edge of town is a giant crater that was formed by a crashed flying saucer.

The chaos of this town is what makes it my personal favorite of the three that come with the game. It has aliens, mad scientists, and even murder mysteries! I've played it rotationally a couple times and developed different headcanons and attachments to the characters both through play and through my (admittedly kinda minimal) interaction with the community. This shrine is going to contain a combination of actual facts you can glean from the game and my own thoughts. If you wanna learn more about this town's official canon, check out the wiki!

Assembled Evidence



Stay Weird wolf with a glowing green skeleton cartoon test tubes bubbling over a bunsen burner a drawing of a desk with various scientific instruments on it Johnny Smith pixel art alien in a flying saucer I am an ALIEN
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