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New Gallery

Added a new gallery for displaying lospec palette examples I've made :)


New Collectibles :P

Added a couple new, decorative images to some of the main pages.


Divider Collection

Haven't kept too up-to-date with these updates, mainly because they've been relatively tiny. But today I actually added a page in addition to some graphics! Check out the new Divider Collection!


New Gallery & Webring

Added the Melliferous Gallery to the text museum, and added a new textmode piece!

I'm also part of the Bucket Webring Now :)


Yummy :P

I haven't gone on my inevitable "shopping spree" yet, but I finally installed a yum-yum shoppe! I also posted a new sticker of one of my characters. Enjoy!


This Site Is Trans

Since I'm really into the four-color minimalist site layout right now, I made a trans positivity page using that CSS!


New Site Section!

Added a whole new section to the site! It is called THE DEPTHS. My intention for it is to be an experimental space. Right now that means it displays my ASCII art as I learn!

I also tried to make the CSS for that section of this site pretty easy to interact with! It's basically formatted so that you just have to change four color variables and you're good to go. I explain in more detail how it works on the STEAL THIS LOOK page. Point is: feel free to use it on your own site, if the idea of a website with only one column and only four colors sounds neat to you. I wanted to make something that was minimalist while still having personality, and I hope I achieved that in some way.


Links hehehe

Happy Pride Month! I added a few new links for y'all.


New Content!

I made another site button! This one has more to do with the new theme (and also it's actually 88x31 yippee :)). It was made with the same color palette I used for the main site's CSS.

Also added another pixel sticker to the sticker sheet club. It's a little portrait of Wanderlust from Just Dance. I used his official portrait as reference.

I even added a whole entire piece of writing to my Strangetown shrine! The writing also happens to be the first fic I've ever posted on Ao3 blushing emoji

cobyzaby button wanderlust sticker


Cave-ification complete B^)

Pretty much finished separating content into the appropriate pages and making some initial edits to the flavor text. Also added textmode art to my pixel art page, edited the css for tags on the links page, and started making a page for one of my toki pona translations!

I also literally just realized that the RSS feed link here doesn't actually give the link to the right page's feed. That's fixed now! You can get a feed of my updates :)


Still Cave-ifying This Place

I'm slowly fixing up some text to preserve the ~flavor~ on each page. Still unsure how consistent I want to be with it.

I also separated out my dollz page into two separate pages: dollz I made and dollz I collected from other sites. I'll do the same thing with blinkies/buttons/badges. Additionally, I separated my pixels into pixel art that I made Just Because and pixel art that I made for cliques (which so far is only the sticker sheet club, but I'd like to add a yum-yum shoppe and maybe others in the future).

Finally, I made a site map! This will be very useful as this place expands.


tomo mute pi lon insa kiwen

A big update indeed! I changed the entire aesthetic of the site! I may continue to do tweaks to the colors, but for the most part I really like the feel of darkmode and a digital cave aesthetic (thank you minecraft).

This update page will remain the same, but I'm considering starting a journal that's more in line with the theme of the site. Maybe it's the diary of an adventurer? Or the diary of me as an adventurer? Or the diary of many fictional adventurers and/or monsters? I don't know. I'm just playing with the idea of a fun little semi-fictional journal while keeping meta/behind the scenes stuff here.


pini pali tawa open pali

I began what will hopefully be a much larger update. I made a splash page that's separate from the index, and I'm trying to plan out how to make the home page a bit less overwhelming with the amount of links. My current plan is to lay out the website a bit like a tree. You can follow a "branch" down to pages with more specific content, and then you can get back home only by going back a few times, if that makes sense. Of course, if it gets too complicated, I'll make a sitemap page. Or I'll just make a sitemap page to plan the thing in the first place. Not sure yet because it is in fact 1 in the morning as I'm writing.


sitelen pi sike suno

tenpo suno ni la, mi li weka e mi tan tomo pali mi. ni li pona a! mi jo e tenpo tawa ni: mi pona e mi, li pali e pali mi. toki insa mi li pona.


Your World of Text

I added a link to my Your World of Text World to the home page. I used to play with this a lot when I was a kid and recently rediscovered it, so I thought it would be neat to make a world of text for my site! Feel free to interact. Add some text and/or ASCII art. Have fun!


More Pixel Art

Quick update. I posted a few more pieces of pixel art for y'all to adopt! They're on my pixel art page.


My First Bases!

My pixel art practice has finally gotten to the point where I can make some doll bases! I didn't really have ideas for completely blank bases, but I did make bases of some of my OC's. In the future, I plan on making the whole set! (It's an ensemble cast of about 9, so I have my work cut out for me)

In case you're just reading the journal and want to see these bases anyway, here they are. If you use them, please credit me on your site and show me what you made! I'd be so happy if people dressed up my characters.

Selfen base Selfen base B Carmine base


New Dollz?

I added a bunch of new dollz and toys to my collections! I've also been focusing a lot more on pixel art lately, so expect some more adoptables (for you!) soon.


Biggest Update Yet!

Not only have I turned my toki pona page into a cute little garden (ma kasi), but I tried working with media queries for the first time! Now, everything except for the strangetown shrine should be clearly viewable on mobile.

I also joined the Hotline Webring and am officially a member of the toki pona webring, sike pona!


lipu pi toki pona

I've been working on some translations of my poetry into toki pona, and I'm hoping to eventually make some original writing in toki pona as well. For now, the toki pona stuff will live on lipu pi ijo Kopisepi, which I haven't styled at all yet . o pilin ike ala! kule li kama lon tenpo poka.


Beauty & the Beast & some Pixels

On my links page, I added a link to Lospec, which is my new favorite place to get palettes for web development and pixel art from! And speaking of pixel art... I finally made a sticker for the sticker sheet club! I made a whole new page for pixel cliques because I hope to improve my pixeling skills.

I also added a shrine for Beauty and the Beast media I like :D


kama sona e ijo sin

I added a couple new fonts, and on my end I really simplified the grid that this website is built around! (It was like seven columns before for some reason?)

In my personal life, I've been very obsessed with learning toki pona for the past couple days. sina sona e toki ni la, mi en sina o toki a!


Web Badges!

I added a bunch of web badges to my Blinkies etc collection! Most are from Web Badges World, which is super fun to browse if you haven't already.

Also organized the graphics page, because I'm planning on putting a lot of new stuff in there soon


New Journal & Links

a picture of a kitten

I'm rebooting the journal format as a combination journal and update log!

I also added a handful of new links to my collection, including some graphics resources, another manifesto, and even a Markdown to HTML converter. To the left you'll see a hint at what one of the links is. Enjoy!